Thursday, 28 October 2010

What is Dropshipping?

f you've arrived at this page wanting to know about dropshipping, then I hope to answer all your questions. But more than this, I want to show you that this incredible way of doing business is now truly available to us in the UK. So, what is dropshipping?
Let us imagine you have a side-line business in which you sell crystal gifts. You market these via your own web site, and on internet auction sites such as eBay and QXL. You buy your stock of goods from your supplier, advertise and place auctions for what you have available and hopefully receive orders for your products. When you get an order, you bank the payment and pack and send out the item to your customer. You replenish your stock as and when you decide is necessary.
Enter a dropshipper i.e. a supplier who offers a dropshipping service. When you join with a supplier who will dropship, YOU hold no stock. The dropship company holds the stock. You market your products as normal e.g. on your web site and on Internet auctions. When you receive an order, you simply send the agreed trade price for the product sold to the dropshipper, together with details of your customer. The dropshipper packs and mails the item to your customer. When the customer opens the package, it appears as if it came direct from you i.e. there is nothing to tell the customer that the item came from the dropshipper.
The benefits of dropshipping to you are:
You don't need hold any stock - ever
You buy and sell in singles - you don't need to purchase in bulk to achieve trade pricing.
More choice in what to sell - the dropshipper's catalogue of products will give you much more choice than you can ever have as an individual small or sideline business owner.
No expense or time investment in packaging parcels - this is all done by the dropshipper
Never visit the Post Office again - mailing is handled by the dropshipper.

The advantages of dropshipping are therefore pretty substantial. It's no wonder in the USA that one of the dropship 'bibles', the Drop Ship Source Directory, contains over 700,000 products and includes around 2,000 brand name suppliers.

In the UK, dropshipping is in its early stages with a handful of dedicated dropshippers, and also a few companies who will supply their own products on a dropship basis.
The problem in the UK has been that very few people are aware of who the dropshippers are, and even fewer people knew which companies would supply on a dropship basis.
This is where my Special Report comes in.....
My name is Brian McGregor and I have tested many so called money-making schemes over the years. You name it, I've bought into it - MLM, loan agency, trading stocks and shares, fruit machines, telecommunications, energy savings, Internet schemes etc etc. I knew about dropshipping in the USA, and was keen that UK entrepreneurs should have access to the same scheme.
Until very recently, there really was only one dropshipper in the UK. But this is growing gradually, and I have now brought together the most comprehensive list of UK companies offering dropshipping services.

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